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Hidden Figures Collection

The Hidden Figures collection appeals to those who seek beneath the surface. Sally’s work engages the eye by creating a secondary perspective through unique imagery. The pieces in this series range from representative to abstract. Optical illusions and personal experimentation reveal emotional complexities through the use of diverse mediums and applications. Inspired by music, art history, and culture, the artist aims to present illusions that capture the audience by inviting them to look beyond their initial glance. These works allow the viewer to seek out hidden figures among the layered gestural marks.




Mixed Media on Canvas


48" x 48"

An early example of recent experimentation with new layering techniques and materials used within my mixed media work.  

Aurora_72%22 x 60%22.jpg


Auroras are Colorful nightlights of nature, caused by solar winds colliding into the top atmospheric layer of earth. Only occurring in a certain latitude, this natural phenomenon creates beautiful colors in the night sky . This supernatural light is the inspiration for Sally's Aurora piece.

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 72" x 60" 

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